Digital Urban Mapping- Public spaces in London

The city of London is an old city rebuild many times. The city has continued in its long running history to make use of public space.  The importance of public space is vital to a live span of a city and London is no exception. These public spaces are not mute and show layers of power.

One of the most famous public spaces in London is Trafalgar square. Over the past 30 years they have been intelligently shaped and managed so that they keep getting better. The result is the most dynamic core of any city in the world. ( Today Trafalgar square still remains a public space and great tourist attraction in London showing how throughout history London has used public spaces for many functions including some economical.


Another famous public space in London is St. James’s square. This is a classic example of the how the English and in particular the people went about their design of a public space. The square is geometric with even sides. A fenced parked in the middle, it is also the first square of this type to be produced in Westminster in London. Uniform rules apply for the architecture of the building faces. Only very slight variations between the individual houses. Only inhabitants would have a key to park in the middle of the square.


even in the imagine shown here the power is evident in the use of St. James’s square as a public space in a massive city like London. These public space enabled the exchange of ideas which in time contributed to parliamentary democracy.

The coffee shop also enabled forms of regulated social mixing which encouraged forms of urban encounter and communication element to early forms of democracy and capitalism. In 1675, Charles II ordered all the coffeehouses in London shut, declaring that they are ‘seminaries of sedition’. But protest was so overwhelming that the king rescinded his order in a matter of days.







Jeremiah Jack Linehan- 112472588

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