Blog 3- The City: Urban Architecture and Material Culture.

Name- Jeremiah Jack Linehan 112472588

Urban Architecture

For my final blog I will look at urban architecture in Cork city. I will examine the role of modernity in shaping the city as whole from the past to present day. For my final blog I will be using to online sources as I examine the role modernity played in the shaping Cork city. I will be staying special attention to urban architecture and its role in shaping the city. For this blog entry I most engage all the material that was used in the module through out the year. I shall do this in an independent manner. I will look for a deep understanding of the historical transformation in modernity.

Modernity was key in the role of shaping Cork city. The growth of the city shows how man took control of nature to bring on there own city further than it had gone before. At the same time  when the planing of building the city was going on nature was taken into consideration with green zone put in place. One of these green zone exists on the carrigohane road. The control of nature is still in operation here showing how modernity is used to shape the city. Urban architecture goes on all around this with the county hall building close to it and its development and the development of the Kingsly hotel. Within the green zone itself there is some urban architecture in the area known as the Lee fields.

Urban architecture has been going in Cork city since it has been around. Development around the city bring  knew ideas forward to the citizens of the city. Simple changes could even be classed as the university college changing from a prison to a college. More advance architecture would include the elysian apartment blocks in Cork City. This is very modern urban architecture taking the city to knew heights.

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